Thursday, September 22, 2011

Feel the burn!!!!!!!!!!

hi guys,

had an awesome workout this morning in my gym.
I took some dumbbells and did upper body workout before I did any cardio.
Usually I do my cardio before weigth training, but I love to change things up.
This time weight training was my warm up, I used light weight to avoid injury.
I felt the burn and then, I went on a treadmill and did run and walk for 20 minutes.
That felt good too. Afterwards I did some jumping jacks, jump squats, push ups and abs.
Then after that, I went to stepper and did 10 minutes on the stepper.
After that I did some more push ups and finished my workout with a great ab workout routine.
I felt the burn and that is what makes me happy. I am not leaving the gym without the burn!!!!!!!!!!

Love it!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Listen to your body

Listen do your body!
There are days you are more tired than other days, there are days you have lots of energy.
do not beat yourself up on days you are tired and feel sluggish. give yourself the rest you need, your body will love you for that. Accept what you feel and do not push yourself too far. Listen to your body!
What is it my body needs? What would it make feel good?
when you body is healthy, your mind is happy, when your mind is happy, you are more open to listening to your body.

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