Thursday, August 11, 2011

DIET DIET DIET - WHAT DO YOU EAT?-be good to your body

I am curious about your diet, about what kind of food you take in and how much, how often.
You can workout but you cannot outtrain your diet. and also, be careful, if you train like a football player, you will eat like a football player and of course look like a football player. do you want that? if yes, then congratulation, if no is the answer, then think about your training and diet. as I have often said it in the past:
diet 80%, workout 20%.
eat healthier, then you do not have to burn all those calories at the gym, also if you want to burn fat, you cannot stressing out your body too much. it will hold on to the fat. give your body some break and relaxing timne.

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